Kiva HanEstablished in 1992 by myself, Ed Wethli, I started with retail stores in Pittsburgh, PA and quickly moved into coffee roasting and wholesale operations. Actually though, our story begins with my good friend Sir Edmund Moore. You see, Sir Edmund is key to our business and you will see him more and more often as we move forward but first we must go back and I am going to share with you the beginning. Enjoy!

Sir Edmund Moore was the impetus for my getting into the coffee industry. He was my mentor and friend. In 1989, after graduating from Penn State with a Masters degree, I took a hiatus in Europe. After back packing around Europe for 6 weeks on my return flight home I ordered a cup of coffee. When the flight attendant returned with my coffee the gentleman sitting beside me, in a refined British accent, asked me how much I knew about the beverage for which I was about to partake. In my best Pittsburgh accent I said I simply knew that it helped wake me up in the morning. It was then that he began to give me my first lesson in the vita-culture, history, and romance of coffee. This chance acquaintance on a 7 hour flight from Europe was the beginning of my career in coffee and the start of a great friendship. On my trip through Europe I had time to think about the course my life would now take. My undergraduate degree was in History and I wanted a career that balanced my love of history and cultures with a Masters degree in business. Sir Edmund taught me that life gives us answers in the strangest places. As Sir Edmund began to give me a lesson in coffee I recognized that a career in the coffee industry would balance my business acumen, love of history, and my desire to travel.

What would I name this coffee company?  Well here is the story…

Sir Edmund, while traveling one day in the ancient city of Istanbul, a city nestled between Europe and Asia, with a mingling of both traditions and cultures, was directed toward a little-known piece of history by a man who looked as if he had the wisdom of the world. Sir Edmund turned around and gazed upon the original Kiva Han, established in 1471. There was not much to the shop from the outside, but inside, oh what splendor. Jars full of the most exquisite coffees graced the shelves. While enjoying a cup of coffee, Sir Edmund and the shop keeper began discussing the subtle differences in each coffee, which give them their own individual character and flavor. Sir Edmund was himself a seasoned coffee drinker. Yet, he was intrigued. After hours of “Coffee Education,” Sir Edmund decided that these secrets could no longer be confined. The rest of the world should experience the “fineness” in coffee. Thus began his quest to find the best coffees of the world and I had found the name for my new venture, Kiva Han Coffee.

At Kiva Han, we take pride in our commitment to service and quality. We use only the highest grade Arabica beans, harvested from select regions the world over. Grown at elevations above 3,000 feet and with an extended growing cycle, Arabica beans are plumper and contain more oils and flavor than robusta beans – the typical store brand coffee bean. To ensure the finest quality of each aromatic cup, Kiva Han chooses only the freshest, plumpest beans and only roasts on demand. We hope you enjoy exploring our company and products and will join us in “Enjoying Life’s Journey”.